Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Awesome holiday

So far this is the best year yet when it comes to summer holidays. We were in Rome for a week in July and last week we came back from Croatia near Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.

So today is the second day of work after the awesome holiday. I totally switched myself off that one week that we were in Croatia. Spending time by the beach almost every single day was really the thing that everyone if not all should do to unwind. Listening to the ocean, and basking under the warm sun.

Getting back into routine. School will start in 2 weeks time. It may be a bit more difficult for the kids. BZ haven't been practising her piano lessons in fact for 2 months at least due to her not being at home for  a long time. Bored and too long away from home. Perhaps getting her a launchkey mini would motivate a little and increase the creativity.

Anyhow, I need to enjoy the last few days of my freedom alone at home while the rest of the family away at the weekend house. And plan for the next trip in October! :D

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Overwhelming junk

When one starts on a journey of getting rid of things that one does not need, it always seem overwhelming. At least that is in my case. Clothes, bags, books... geez... when did I started to accumulate all these? Many I haven't used for years. I saw how my daughter loves to collect and keep little things - scraps of scribbled on papers, wrappings. I can imagine that we think we keep memories in little things. But in the end they just bog us down. And we hang on to them for the "what if we need it" or the "just in case" moments. My husband picked up a cylinder case of some huge incenses that I received one X'mas. The content long ago used up but the box was in the closet for years. When I finally let go and chuck it in the recycle bin. He picked it up and suggested that it would be good for BZ to keep her drawings in. I said it was never thought about for years we'll be fine without it. Thank goodness he agreed.

Old bill pay invoices that long fading, old expired chocolates that my daughter kept as decorations, all down in the bin. I felt much better looking at somewhat empty spaces. I feel like a burden has been lifted off. :)

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Cool Summer

It's June. Soon it will be officially summer. So far the weather has been mild and cool. I bit crazy sometimes as the weather change is pretty hectic. One day rather warm the next would be chilly.
But I'm grateful and happy. :) I already asked for holidays in advance. One day in June. One week in July another week in August. I figured where to go to for one of those weeks but  it depends on somethings the financial budget is there. If not I could always spend time at home too... perhaps learn how to change the strings on a ukulele. :) And continue with my clean up of the flat.
In any case, I've looked and booked. So just to get the approval of the big boss. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2016


I've been pondering on the idea of being a minimalist. Getting rid of unnecessary junk and clutter. Simplifying my life.
I started to pack and store away, getting rid of things and stop buying things I can live without.
I suppose it is a journey. It's not too easy to throw everything. Getting rid of the attachment. One of those things is the attachment to my gadgets. My phone and tablets. I hate the feeling of enslavement. I hate that I don't want to be attached to it but I am. Last thing I interact with at night and first thing I pick up to check messages etc in the mornings. Hate it... but when I'm thinking about changing back to the basic phone,  I feel what if I need the apps like whatsapp and viber? Or maps? These are all useful. But I feel enslaved by the need to have all this.
I concluded from this, perhaps I don't need to get rid of it totally. Just need a phone curfew.
Yes, I really want to simplify my life. Going back to when I need the basics and it should be enough.

Sunday, May 08, 2016


Sunday, April 03, 2016

Life nowadays

So spring has arrived once again. Still slightly cold in the mornings but in the afternoon we could go about outdoors without a coat or a jacket.

I was out in the morning for just a little walk. I had to be home today as I have some things to work on for the workplace. I've a new assignment or challenge. I am excited and look forward to tomorrow to see if I can handle this new challenge well. I am determined.

I haven't been able to update as much as I would like to do to my workload. I'm usually too tired to do anything else. My work as an office admin, I have to do a lot of managing and arranging. After one project is over, I usually think that I could take a deep breath and relax a little, but they always come up with something. Recently, I have to organize a group marathon for the colleagues. Looking for suppliers, checking out the products that we need to use, prizes preparation etc. It's fun, I cannot complain that is for sure, I get to take a look at things like Joy Jewelers college rings, or personalized printed gifts for the colleagues etc. So I get to be the one to help choose. Sometimes they like what I chose,  sometimes not - but most of the time I get good reviews. I am grateful.

I am managing well so far. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hello Sunday!

Today my mood is better. I went out for a walk at 8 am after my morning routine. It was drizzling but the air was fresh. The plus side of a rainy day, I had the streets almost to myself.

I had the chance to contemplate on my life and felt the feeling of acceptance. I accept myself. Even the things that I dislike about me. I still have work to do on myself. And I need to see it as something good & exciting that will happen to me.

Life is hard when all you focus on is the lack. But think about all the possibilities!! :) I'm excited already. :)

Thank you life!

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