Friday, October 07, 2016

Weekend trip

I just finished preparing myself for a weekend trip  to Prague.  Just waiting for the time to go over to the bus station.  Yes,  we decided to go by bus. I don't  remember when was the last time I went by bus to anywhere further than a two hours ride.  This time going with a colleague.

Since I will be a way a bit BZ played me something on the piano just now as she wanted me to hear how well she is playing.  She has indeed developed well.  And I'm proud of her. Perhaps one day she will have her own omnirax equipment and create awesome music herself.

I am excited really... Rome,  Croatia and now Prague.  I'm  extremely  grateful!  😊

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A change once more

It has been almost a year since I started working with my current company. Early this year, sometime in February I guess, I had a talk with both my supervisor and the HR manager about moving to a new department. At that time there was an opening in Finance. But somehow they gave me all sorts of excuses. But I managed to get them to promise for a new position end of the year. A couple of months later a salary raise. So not too bad.

However, after a couple of months from the first talk, again I asked to speak to the HR manager regarding a move as there is another position opening that I feel I'm interested to fill. That request too was rejected.

The third time I went to speak to the HR manager, I was at the end of my ropes due to some issues, and I told him either give me a confirmation that I can apply and move to a new department or else. And I was informed by him that there is an opening for sales assistant and he will help speak to the department manager. The next day I was called for an interview - they had 2-3 interviews that day.  For me it wasn't an interview even, it was more like an open discussion. I just had to say yes and my predecessor had to give the okay and I got the job.

So now I have to work to get a new replacement for my position and started the work hand over. As of today I have about 2 weeks to learn. As most of the team members said that it was good that they took me in as they didn't have to waste time teaching a new person the company's IT platforms as I am quite familiar. I still have to learn, but it is not foreign to me.

Today, after coming home from grocery shopping, I started to do some homework on how to create weekly reports through excels. Thank goodness you can find just about anything on google from guitar center locations california, to excel tutorials. :) Tomorrow, I will go to the first team building with the team which is out of BP. And we have to stay over a night there.

So this is another change in my life. It feels strange, and my work will be totally different again. But I need to get out of my comfort zone if I want to do well. I am indeed grateful.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

I'm grateful

Been doing a seesion of positive vibe session with 2 other colleagues. Usually after lunch for 15-20 mins. Many times we had to skip due to business.  However we try to make it up.  I do.  I would still do them at home.

I love my Positive Vibe book. Just makes me feel so blessed,  happy and motivated. 

Monday, September 05, 2016

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Our trip to Rome

We were in Rome last July.  For 5 days.  We left Bonnie with her grandma so that Mr.  H and my awesome self went together. Just the two of us.  It wasn't a honeymoon but we anticipated long walking tours, we thought that it wouldn't be such a good idea if Bonnie came with us.

I planned the trip from June. I was just looking at the skyscanner app, saw the cheap tickets and just told myself,  "what the heck,  let's go to Rome for the summer". So that's how the plan began. 

I wanted to stay there for 6 nights at least,  but due to some issues about where Bonnie would be , we could only go for 4 nights. 

I booked a hotel called the Donatello.  About 15-20 mins from the Roma termini. It's not Hilton but it is just walking distance to many of the city's main attractions.

The week we were there there was some problem with the rubbish collecting.  So the streets were full of rubbish that was overflowing from the dumpsters.  It was shocking. I thought it was always that way but since we saw it on the news,  it was not the norm. 

What I love about Rome:

1. The ancient ruins - especially the forum and colloseum. Our last day we went to the Appia antica - we rented bicycles for two hours to go on a self guiding tour on one of the ancient roads built by the romans. (Pics will follow suit)
2. I felt right at home it was strange.  Maybe in one of my past lives I had lived there??  :) I navigated my way rather well and comfortably.  Or maybe thanks to google maps and the street view app...  Ahahaha..  I familiarized myself to the area even before we got there. :)
3. The variety of food  is way more than in Hungary,  or Budapest to be precise.  The market sells more fresh vegetables that I used to buy back in Malaysia. Fresh seafood.  Asian ingredients are easier to find and more variety.
4. I fell in love with the melodious Italian language and how the people don't seem to see me strange.  Due to the fact that there are so many people from asia there - I get stared at quite a bit here than I was there. People seem to be more accepting of the diversity.  Something that you don't really see here.
5. Free flowing water everywhere.  You could find flowing drinkable water everywhere.  Most probably because the weather was so hot. After a long walk...  It was nice to just wash hot tired feet with the cold water.  It felt so good I can still remember the feeling well.
6. I felt the "life" of the city.  Of course there are many old cities. But Rome is ancient.  If the ancient walls could talk...  What stories they could tell about the ordinary common people that lived there thousands of years ago. 
7. The good looking Italian soldiers..  Ahahaha...  I just had to throw that thought in for good measure.  :)

Now for what I don't like about Rome:

1. I don't want to sound racist but I just have to say what I think.  After all,  I am a foreigner myself in another country.  First thought when we got there and saw the people in the middle of the city was,  " where are the Romans???!! ". The stores near the roma termini were all full of asian people from some parts of India or Bangladesh. Near and around the colloseums and outside the forum area,  filled with those people selling iced water, selfie sticks and othe merchandises. Perhaps,  Rome had always been a melting pot and will always be. There are always pros and cons I suppose (refer to point 3 & 4 above).
2. The entire city center looked like district 8 here in Budapest.  And if you mention district 8 here,  people would usually cringe.  Ahahaha
3. The city ain't cheap...  :)

Well that's it.  So the conclusion is that I have more things to love about that ancient city than to dislike.  Even now I feel like going back there again.  It would be nice to just visit the place that I like anywhere in the world anytime I feel like. 

But,  when we were there,  I kind of missed good ol' Budapest.  And it felt good to be back too. 

Though I would like to go back there again next year during summer,  I think I'd like to check out Naples next to visit Pompeii and Herculeum.  :)

What I usually see in my daily morning commute to work.

To be more open on the NET or not to be.

I've been blogging since 2005. Days when making blogs,  you still had to have some sort of html knowledge. It was more challenging and it was fun back then. Still fun but with less hair pulling experience when it comes to choosing a new template or rearranging the layout.

I tried to be more open about my life, the going ons in my life, but I wonder, do I really want people on the net to know? It always amazed me when there are so many people who are willing to do this. To expose their lives to the internet. Well, I suppose having a personal blog and posting pictures and videos somewhat exposes my life to people who stumbled upon my blog. But is it really what I want? Hmm, tough question to me. Because, I find it a therapy, I find it a way of  expression. So there is the mixed feeling about it.

No matter if it the internet or real life, there will always be haters (even more so on the net because they hide behind their computers), there will always be people who won't like you. But of course there will be the good ones.So it is a matter of decision I believe. Of what you want to share and how you want to share it. :) Also, if you are prepared to face the negativity that it brings as well.

I would also like to add that vlogging, or blogging may even be a good way to increase confidence. As you expose yourself to the world, you may learn that the negative things do not matter. You learn to take what is good instead of the bad ones.

Well, enough of my randomness for today. If you stumbled upon this post, and have any thoughts on this, please share. :)


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